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Environmental Education in Schools:
Greenhills Academy Students planting trees

RECOR (Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organization) Former Rwanda Wildlife Clubs-RWC is a national non profit making environmental conservation NGO, which puts much emphasis on environmental education, promotion of the utilization of renewable energy, soil conservation, reforestation and agroforestry promotion and execution, it deals also with water management, wildlife conservation and tourism promotion in the country. It involves community in looking for suitable and sustainable solutions to local environmental challenges in all activities undertaken.

RECOR is fully registered and having Legal status/Civil Personality from the Ministry of Justice, N° 126/11 of Oct 2004 modified by the Ministerial order No 63/11 of 18/04/2008 approving name from Rwanda Wildlife Clubs to Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organization (RECOR). RECOR has been in existence since 2000 founded by the movement of youth student of National University of Rwanda, it started as a wildlife club further extended to other higher institutions of learning and to primary and secondary schools. After the realization of national environmental challenges, the youth from the above said institutions gathered and form a National Organization to deal national wide with environmental and wildlife conservation by then called Rwanda Wildlife Clubs. After analyzing the objectives of the organization, we decided to change the name from Rwanda Wildlife clubs to Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organization (RECOR). RECOR is based in Kigali City and its Head Office is located on the Airport Road, Remera, Prince House Building, but mandated to carry out its activities in all corners of the country.

RECOR is a well known NGO throughout the country due to its committed, highly qualified and experienced staff this led to success of the organization in activities implemented at grassroots level and in schools in different corners of the country.

Seed bed preparation
Water dams in dry areas
Solar Energy installations
Trees planted along main roads
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